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Issue Number 15 OCTOBER 2010
Welcome to extrusions from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge® Industries, Inc., the Fluid Transfer Specialists®.

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Tubing & Hose Buying Tips
#15: Consider Weight

It can be challenging to make sure you’ve covered all the bases during the tubing and hose selection process. Have you considered all the elements involved with the application? Temperatures, chemicals, pressures, flexibility needs? In Tubing & Hose Buying Tips we’ll address common selection factors, one at a time, in each issue of extrusions.

consider weightThe weight of a tube or hose can have a big impact on a final product. If you're designing for, say, the aerospace industry, weight can be critical. You need a product that will help keep overall equipment weight at a minimum but one that can handle the job.

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What's Important
What Makes Product Quality So Important?

Product QualityReceiving a product that's inferior or damaged can affect you in several ways including:

  • The time it takes to contact the supplier and make them aware of the problem
  • Waiting for a replacement product (and perhaps impacting your production schedule)
  • Hoping the new item isn't subpar or damaged as well
  • The lack of confidence you then feel in the supplier
  • Your frustration and stress level
  • And, worst of all, the potential hazards should a damaged part be installed (product failure, personal injuries, your company's reputation, even law suits)

Did you know that NewAge has a product quality rating of 99.73%? That means only 0.27% of our products are returned because of quality issues.

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Tech Talk logoTech Talk
Product Specification FAQs

Here you'll find answers to questions on NewAge's product specifications that are frequently posed to our Sales Team.

Q: Can you recommend tubing for use with (insert chemical name here)?
A: Our knowledgeable staff is happy to offer suggestions for your application. They access chemical resistance data and our own resources to recommend certain tubing materials for use with particular chemicals and substances. (Please note that our recommendations are not given with any guarantee of performance. Field testing for your specific application should be performed.)

Q: What is the working pressure/bend radius/vacuum rating/temperature limit/manufacturing tolerance of a particular tubing?
A: Product specifications are listed with each product in our literature and on our website. If no data is given, the information is currently unavailable.

Q: What's the difference between peroxide and platinum silicone?
A: Peroxide and platinum are used in the manufacturing and curing processes of our silicone tubing. Both are catalysts that help convert silicone elastomer into tubing. The two types are naturally flexible and do not require the use of leachable plasticizers. Peroxide silicone tubing, which tends to be less costly, must be heated after the extrusion process to remove the catalyst; platinum needs no post-extrusion heating. Platinum-cured silicone tubing offers a smoother surface that resists sticking, encrustation, and bacteria growth.

Q: Ester or ether polyurethane – which is better?
A: One type is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on your application. Ester-based polyurethane tubing offers slightly better fuel and oil resistance. Water attacks ester-based polyurethane, causing a significant reduction in physical properties. Ether urethanes exhibit far superior hydrolytic stability, especially in humid environments. Ether-based materials also resist fungus growth better than ester-based materials.

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On the Light Side


In the Next Issue

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    #16: Abrasion resistance
  • What's Important
    What Makes On-Time Delivery So Important?
  • Product Comparison
    Silicone vs. TPR

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Tubing & Hose Buying Tips
#15: Consider Weight

What's Important
What Makes Product Quality So Important?

Tech Talk
Product Specification FAQs

On the Light Side
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