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Welcome to extrusions from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge® Industries, Inc., the Fluid Transfer Specialists®.


How It's Done – Fittings Inspection

fittingsAlthough NewAge Industries produces molded fittings for our AdvantaPure product line, most fittings we offer are purchased from outside sources. But that doesn't mean we don't inspect the items thoroughly before they're sold to a customer or used in a hose assembly.

When a stock fitting order arrives, the items are checked visually and labels are inspected for accuracy. Inspectors must be familiar with the fitting product lines and able to tell what type of fitting it is simply by looking at it.

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ESOP Update – Another 9% & Why It Matters to You

ESOP - Employee Owned for Your BenefitIn 2006 NewAge Industries became partly employee owned when Ken Baker, CEO and majority shareholder, sold 30% of the corporation to an ESOP – an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Baker sold another 10% to the ESOP in 2013 and in June 2016, transferred an additional 9%, bringing the ESOP's total ownership to 49%.

Why? Because having employees become invested in the company instills the pride of ownership, puts a succession plan in place and discourages a competitive buyout.

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Meet the Team - Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team interacts extensively with all departments to ensure:

  • Proper inventory levels of stocked product
  • Non-stock items are produced within our customers' expectations by coordinating with all manufacturing teams
  • New product development programs are properly progressing so that NewAge has an ample stream of fresh products to present to customers

The team expanded and reorganized over the last year to address needs at the tactical level (stocking the right amount of product at the right time) and strategic level (choosing the right vendors to support various initiatives). Regardless of function, the Supply Chain team is dedicated to meeting customer expectations while doing what's best for NewAge

Dan Tropea
Director of Supply Chain
1 year
"I am proud to note that during the past year over 95% of our stock product orders shipped on time to meet our customers' due dates, and more importantly, we accomplished this while decreasing our overall inventory. This major milestone was not achieved with one major strategy change or one major acquisition. Rather, it was a countless number of small, focused and daily endeavors that the team performed on a consistent basis. Our department motto is best described by Napoleon Hill: 'If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way.' I am grateful to lead such a hardworking and caring team and look forward to exceeding the needs of our customers and the company with them."

Kathi Lohr
1 year

Dawn MacDonald
Supply Chain Assistant
7 years

Lori Stiverson
Production Planner
1 year

Cathy Wallace
Materials Manager
27 years

Lauren Winokur
Senior Procurement Specialist
7 years

Craig Zelin
1 year

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In the Next Issue

  • How It's Done – Hose Assembly Inspection
  • New White Paper – "A Comparison of Fittings"
  • Product Comparison – Butyl vs. Nitrile


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