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  Products & Services Brochure Top 20 Tubing & Hose Buying Tips

Line Card

Our Line Card - a 4 page overview of our products. Contains general information on our tubing, hose, fittings, clamps & accessories, as well as our custom and fabrication capabilities.

PDF Available
NewAge_Line_Card.pdf (560KB)

Top 20 Buying Tips

The TOP 20 brochure points out the information necessary for proper tubing and hose selection and draws attention to frequently-overlooked details, thereby avoiding specification or buying errors.


Our eNewsletter is called extrusions and it's filled with information related to tubing, hose, and fittings. You can check out the latest and past issues here:

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PVC Tubing & Hose Catalog Polyurethane Tubing & Hose Catalog Silicone Tubing & Hose Catalog
PVC Tubing and Hose Catalog

    Clear PVC tubing
    Braid reinforced hose
•Nylobrade® Push-On Hose
    Braid reinforced opaque hose
    Spiral reinforced suction hose
     Steel wire reinforced hose
•Clear-40® Piping System
    Clear rigid schedule 40

•Hytrel®-lined PVC tubing
    Co-extruded tubing

PDF Available
NewAge PVC Catalog.pdf (1.1MB)

Polyurethane Tubing and Hose Catalog

    Polyurethane tubing
     Braid reinforced hose

PDF Available
NewAge Polyurethane Catalog.pdf (932KB)

Silicone Tubing and Hose Catalog

    Silicone tubing
•Silcon® Medical
    Medical & pump grade tubing
•Silcon® Med-X
    Platinum cured
    medical grade tubing

    Braid reinforced hose
•Silbrade® Medical
     Medical grade
    braid reinforced hose

•Silbrade® Platinum
     Platinum cured
    braid reinforced hose

PDF Available
NewAge Silicone Catalog.pdf (808KB)

Fluoropolymer Tubing, Hose & Fittings Catalog Semi-Rigid Tubing Catalog Rubber Tubing Catalog
Fluoropolymer Tubing, Hose and Fittings Catalog

•Fluoropolymer Tubing
    PTFE, FEP, & PFA tubing
    Coiled FEP or PFA tubing
    Corrugated FEP tubing
    Convoluted PTFE tubing
    PFA Compression fittings

PDF Available
NewAge Fluoropolymer Catalog.pdf (1.4MB)

Semi-Rigid Tubing Catalog NYLON
    Nylon-12 tubing

    Linear low density tubing
•Polyethylene-lined EVA tubing
    Co-extruded tubing

    Polypropylene tubing

PDF Available
NewAge Semi-Rigid Catalog.pdf (795KB)

Rubber Tubing Catalog

    Thermoplastic rubber tubing

    Flexible tubing of Viton

    Natural latex rubber tubing

PDF Available
NewAge Rubber Catalog.pdf (264KB)

Custom Products Catalog Barbed Fittings & Clamps Catalog Push-to-Connect Fittings Catalog
Custom Products Catalog

•Hot Bond®
    Thermal Bonding
•Custom Extrusions
•Heat Formed Shapes
    Custom Engineered Shapes
•Custom Coiling
•Fabrication Services
    Cutting, Slitting, Printing, etc.
•Overbraiding & Jacketing
    Stainless Steel, Fabric, & More
•Hose Assemblies
•Dip Molded Tubing
    PVC Custom Shapes

PDF Available
NewAge Custom Catalog.pdf (1.6MB)

Barbed Fittings and Clamps Catalog

•Thermobarb® Plastic
    Plastic fittings & hose nipples
•Thermobarb Brass
    Brass barbed fittings
•Cam Operated Couplings
•Oetiker® Clamps
    Ear type clamps
•Worm Gear Clamps
    Stainless steel
•Kwik Clamp™
    Nylon double bond hose clamps

PDF Available
NewAge Fittings-Clamps Catalog.pdf (644KB)

Push-to-Connect Fittings Catalog

•Newloc® Acetal
    Plastic push-to-connect fittings
•Newloc® Brass
    Brass push-to-connect fittings

PDF Available
NewAge Push-to-Connect Fittings.pdf (644KB)

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