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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Tubing & Hose

Latex Tubing

Latex Tubing

Known for its extreme flexibility, latex is among the most flexible and elastic rubber materials in use today and it’s the softest durometer material offered by NewAge®.

Resiliency is another quality of latex tubing, allowing it to maintain memory after repeated bending, stretching, or pulsating forces. Latex also withstands repeated sterilization with either steam, ethylene oxide, or gamma radiation. There are no added plasticizers, coagulants, or fillers to migrate and contaminate the stream or cause tube hardening. NewAge’s latex tubing is processed from pure, liquid, natural latex and is made using a unique dip method. This produces a tubing that is seamless, uniform, and very smooth, providing maximum flow and minimizing the possibility of encrustation during use.



Natural Latex Rubber Tubing

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Suggested Applications

Drain TubingElastic BandsExercise Devices • Non-Aerosol Can Lines‘O’-Ring GasketsPhotographic ChemicalsShock Absorbers Vibration InsulatorsMany More