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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Latex Tubing

Newtex Natural
Latex Tubing

Newtex Natural Latex Tubing



  • Made from natural latex, a thermoset material
  • Excellent resilience, tear, and tensile strength
  • Made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards
  • Extremely elastic with excellent memory after repeated stretching
  • Contains no plasticizers which can migrate and cause flow contamination or tube hardening
  • NEWTEX is a translucent amber color


Drain TubingElastic BandsExercise Devices Non-Aerosol Can Lines‘O’-Ring Gaskets

Photographic ChemicalsShock Absorbers

Physical Properties**

Hardness, Shore A ±5

Tensile Strength, psi

Elongation at Break, %

Brittle Temperature, °F

Max. Operating Temp., °F






**Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for the application.


NEWTEX tubing is an exceptionally resilient material that has notable wear resistance, very low permanent set characteristics, and excellent flexibility at low temperatures.


NEWTEX will withstand repeated sterilization with autoclaving at 250°F for 20 minutes. It will also endure limited sterilization with ethylene oxide or gamma radiation.


Since natural rubber NEWTEX has some protein trace (an allergen), synthetic NEWTEX (polyisoprene), made without protein, can be supplied through minimum order. Synthetic NEWTEX can also be cured in straight lengths — call for details. Synthetic NEWTEX should also be considered for its translucency, as natural latex’s amber color is quite dark.

Also available through special order is vacuum-rated, red-colored NEWTEX — call for details.


Note that NEWTEX may have multiple pieces per length of tubing^. This is due to the material’s manufacturing limitations.


Any information presented on this webpage or in related promotional materials is being presented solely for informational purposes and does not create any representation from NewAge to any buyer regarding a product’s fitness for a particular use or that a particular use of the product by a buyer (including incorporation into a medical device) would comply with all applicable laws and regulations. NewAge’s standard terms and conditions (found here) will be the sole and exclusive legal agreement between the parties with regards to any purchased products.


Part NumberID
Lengths (ft.)
(lbs./100 ft.)
2700110.063 (1/16).125 (1/8).031 (1/32)1001
2700222.125 (1/8).188 (3/16).031 (1/32)1001.5
2700334.125 (1/8).250 (1/4).063 (1/16)1002
2700446.188 (3/16).313 (5/16).063 (1/16)1002.5
2700558.188 (3/16).375 (3/8).094 (3/32)1004
2700670.188 (3/16).438 (7/16).125 (1/8)1006
2700782.250 (1/4).375 (3/8).063 (1/16)1003.25
2700894.250 (1/4).438 (7/16).094 (3/32)1005.25
2701006.250 (1/4).500 (1/2).125 (1/8)1006.5
2701118.313 (5/16).438 (7/16).063 (1/16)1003.75
2701230.313 (5/16).500 (1/2).094 (3/32)1006.25
2701342.313 (5/16).563 (9/16).125 (1/8)509
2701454.375 (3/8).500 (1/2).063 (1/16)505
2701566.375 (3/8).563 (9/16).094 (3/32)507
2701678.375 (3/8).625 (5/8).125 (1/8)509.5
2701790.500 (1/2).688 (11/16).094 (3/32)509
2701902.500 (1/2).750 (3/4).125 (1/8)5012.5
2702014.750 (3/4)1.000.125 (1/8)5017

Sold by standard coil length only. Add length suffix to part number when ordering.
Example: 100 ft. of 1/16″ I.D. x 1/8″ O.D. tubing is part number 270 0110-100.
^Tubing may have a maximum of five sections, with a minimum section length of 4 feet, in 100 ft. lengths;
a maximum of three sections, with a minimum section length of 4 feet in 50 ft. lengths.
ID is the critical dimension for fittings application.

Custom Capabilities

Cut Pieces

All custom products are subject to minimum order quantities and lead times. For other custom options, please contact us.

Newtex Tubing

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