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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Press Release: New White Paper Reveals Strategies to Prevent Tubing Kinking and Ensure Fluid Transfer Efficiency

[Southampton, PA, August 24, 2023] – Kinking of tubing, a widespread challenge with far-reaching implications across industries, has been addressed in a comprehensive new white paper by NewAge Industries. When tubing kinks, it not only disrupts fluid flow and product integrity but also poses safety risks that can have critical consequences.

The white paper, titled ” Preventing Kinking in Tubing: Strategies for Reliable Fluid Transfer,” delves into the multifaceted nature of kinking prevention. By examining factors such as material properties, bend radius, tube diameter, wall thickness, and external forces, engineers, manufacturers, and operators are guided in implementing strategies that ensure tubing functions optimally.

Industries ranging from medical and industrial to aerospace and fluid transfer systems are impacted by kinked tubing. Partial or complete blockages caused by excessive bending can disrupt vital processes. Industrial environments may face equipment malfunctions and production interruptions, while the aviation sector’s safety and control can be compromised due to kinks in hydraulic or fuel lines. Diminished flow rates, pressure drops, and material stress are additional risks that can lead to premature wear, leaks, and compromised product quality.

NewAge Industries, a trusted industry leader with over two decades of tubing expertise, emphasizes the importance of a strong partnership to combat tubing kinking. The company’s ISO 9001 certification and skilled team of engineers and technicians ensure the selection of appropriate tubing and proper installation. With an extensive array of tubing products and services, including customized solutions, NewAge Industries offers a holistic approach to tubing needs.

The white paper serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to prevent tubing kinking and prioritize system efficiency and safety. By partnering with experts and implementing proven strategies, industries can overcome the challenges posed by tubing kinks and ensure the dependability of critical applications.

For more information or to access the white paper, visit, email or call us at 215-526-2151.


About NewAge Industries:

In business since 1954, NewAge Industries manufactures plastic and rubber tubing in reinforced and unreinforced styles. The company maintains a large inventory of tubing and fittings for its core product lines, provides custom extrusion and fabrication capabilities, and services customers worldwide. The AdvantaPure ® division of NewAge Industries specializes in high purity tubing, hose, single-use process tubing manifolds, AdvantaFlex® TPE tubing, AdvantaSil® silicone tubing and hose, BioClosure® container closure systems, and other molded components for the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries. Products are manufactured, stored, and shipped using methods that ensure product purity. Automated product identification systems, including gamma stable RFID tags and labels, are offered by NewAge’s Verigenics® division. Additionally, NewAge Industries is proud to be ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

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