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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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medical ventilators

Adapting – Again – In the World of COVID

To help mitigate the spread of the omicron COVID-19 variant, we have returned to office personnel working from home when possible. Team members who can perform their tasks remotely, with the help of online meeting portals and other communication methods, are doing so for the foreseeable future. Most team members have been vaccinated against the virus, but we’ve taken this extra measure to help avoid breakthrough infections and to enable our staff and their families to remain healthy.

Workers in many departments, such as Manufacturing, Warehouse, Quality, and Engineering, continue to work in our buildings, because producing AdvantaSil® silicone tubing, AdvantaFlex® TPE tubing, and other tubing used for vaccine manufacture and therapeutic equipment (ventilators, for instance) is a necessary and essential function.

To see the latest on progress at our Warrington, PA, facility, return to the News and Events page for additional posts.