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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Advancing AdvantaPure: NewAge Expands Operations

NewAge Industries, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fluid transfer systems, outgrew its facilities five times, over a 45 year span, before finding a home in Southampton, Pennsylvania. Here, we could grow our product line and accomplish more for our customers in a larger manufacturing area with more warehouse space. Over the years, our team has also increased our capabilities to see great success with our AdvantaPure brand, providing high-purity tubing for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We began developing Single-Use options for these markets in 2004 by molding manifold connections and BioClosure® stopper assemblies for top biomedical companies.

Since then, we’ve come a long way in both skill and capacity to offer quality tubing, hose and Single-Use systems. NewAge has been hard at work on several expansion projects surrounding the AdvantaPure brand and has enhanced equipment and operations at our headquarters to better serve the Single-Use market with a wide array of high-performance products. New extruders, overmolding presses, laser monitors, and other equipment allow us to produce the AdvantaPure components pharmaceutical companies need for developing vaccines and supporting a variety of other critical applications.

At our newest facility in Warrington, we’ve constructed seven new ISO Class 7 clean room suites, totaling 22,000 square feet, designed for controlled silicone and TPE tubing extrusion. Testing phases are underway, and we will soon be manufacturing sellable tubing from this location.

NewAge is proud to maintain in-house operations that prioritize product quality and sustainability, and we’re excited to explore more expansion opportunities in the future. In this video, hear directly from CEO Ken Baker about the many improvements we’ve made at our Southampton and Warrington operations.