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Nylobrade® NSF Listed
Braid Reinforced PVC Hose

Nylobrade® NSF Listed Braid Reinforced PVC Hose



  • Open mesh polyester braiding permanently encapsulated in walls of clear, flexible PVC tubing
  • Phthalate, DEHP and BPA free
  • Raw materials meet California Proposition 65
  • Listed by the National Sanitation Foundation for food equipment materials (NSF-51)
  • Non-toxic raw materials conform to USP Class VI and FDA standards
  • Offers much greater pressure capabilities than unreinforced PVC tubing
  • Mirror smooth interior permits outstanding flow characteristics
  • Crystal clear for full visual flow^
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant with flexibility similar to rubber but with much longer life
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Well suited for food and beverage applications including non-fatty aqueous, milk and alcoholic beverages (less than or equal to 8% ABV)



Beverage Lines Chemical Transfer Coolant Lines Filling Lines Food Handling Hydraulics Instrumentation Lines Material Handling Medical Oil & Fuel Pneumatics Potable Water Spray Systems Water & Fluid Feeds

Physical Properties**

Hardness, Shore A ±5

Tensile Strength, psi

Elongation at Break, %

Brittle Temperature, °F

Max. Operating Temperature, °F

Max. Operating Temp. for NSF, °F







**Values listed are typical for the material used in manufacture, except where noted, and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.


Clear NYLOBRADE is made from non-toxic raw materials that conform to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for use in food contact applications. Its NSF listing makes NYLOBRADE an excellent choice for drinking water applications, those involving water at temperatures up to 60°C (140°F), and food processing applications.


NYLOBRADE is generally unaffected by most oxidizing and reducing agents. Diluted acids and alkalies have little effect, though if highly concentrated tend to make the hose less pliable. If chemical resistance is in question, in-plant tests are suggested.


Gasoline and oils will harden PVC over periods of intermittent use. In these applications, continuous use will slow the hardening process.


Click here to review the PVC Products – Material & Regulatory Summary  

^NYLOBRADE HP (High Pressure) sizes 3/8” I.D. and up have a tighter braid pattern and, therefore, reduce the visual flow contact and increase the hose’s resistance to bending & flexing. Heavier walls on similar I.D.s will be more resistant to kinking.


Any information presented on this webpage or in related promotional materials is being presented solely for informational purposes and does not create any representation from NewAge to any buyer regarding a product’s fitness for a particular use or that a particular use of the product by a buyer (including incorporation into a medical device) would comply with all applicable laws and regulations. NewAge’s standard terms and conditions (found here) will be the sole and exclusive legal agreement between the parties with regards to any purchased products.


Part NumberNoteID
Wall TypeAvailable
Lengths (ft.)
Working PSI
(at 70°F)
lbs./100 ft.
1000076.125 (1/8).315.095Standard1004653
1000230[B].188 (3/16).394.103Standard100, 300, 5003155.06
1030309.250 (1/4).435.093Thin1003165.35
1000307.250 (1/4).453.102Standard1003006.03
1020061.250 (1/4).500 (1/2).125 (1/8)High Pressure1004007.9
1000461.313 (5/16).531 (17/32).094Standard1002807.77
1030540.375 (3/8).575.100Thin1002158.02
1000538.375 (3/8).600.113Standard100, 5002309.26
1020075.375 (3/8).625 (5/8).125 (1/8)High Pressure50, 100, 30026510.5
1030694.500 (1/2).710.105Thin10019110.73
1000692.500 (1/2).728.114Standard100, 300, 50021511.82
1020096.500 (1/2).850.175High Pressure10025820
1000846.625 (5/8).906 (29/32).141Standard100, 30020018.17
1000923.750 (3/4)1.024.137Standard100, 300, 50015020.53
1020117.750 (3/4)1.125 (1-1/8).188 (3/16)High Pressure10023330
10200051.0001.375 (1-3/8).188 (3/16)High Pressure10018537.8
10013081.250 (1-1/4)1.732.241Standard10011060.7
10200121.250 (1-1/4)1.732.241High Pressure10015060.7
10013851.500 (1-1/2)1.929.215Standard1007062.12
10200191.500 (1-1/2)1.950.225High Pressure1009065.5
10014622.0002.500 (2-1/2).250 (1/4)Standard1005095.02
10200262.0002.500 (2-1/2).250 (1/4)High Pressure10013395.02

[B] Limited stock item; lead times and minimums may apply — call for details.
Add length suffix to part number when ordering. Example: 100 ft. of 1/8″ I.D. x .315″ O.D. is part number 100 0076-100.
Working pressures are calculated from burst testing using a 3:1 safety factor. Application testing is recommended.
ID is the critical dimension for fittings application.

Custom Capabilities

Cut Pieces



Hot Bond

Heat Form


In-Line Cutting

Custom Layline

All custom products are subject to minimum order quantities and lead times. For other custom options, please contact us.

Nylobrade Hose

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