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Press Release: Manufacturing Day 2023

Press Release


October 25, 2023- For Immediate Release

Why is NewAge Industries participating in MFG Day for the first time?

NewAge Industries joins Manufacturing Day for the first time to challenge stereotypes surrounding U.S. manufacturing. We aim to spotlight its diverse skill sets and workforce, dispelling the notion of it being exclusively blue-collar. Our participation reflects our commitment to community engagement and support.


Why is the focus on high school and college students?


Focusing on high school and college students is essential because educating future generations ensures that our country will have the internal resources and talent pool needed for sustained growth and innovation. By engaging with young minds, we can inspire and prepare them for careers in manufacturing, helping to bridge the skills gap while reinforcing the importance of domestic production. Ultimately, investing in students today secures a skilled workforce and economic resilience for the nation’s future.


What do you expect will be the highlights of the visit?


The visit’s highlights include a comprehensive, interactive tour of our facility, showcasing every facet of our operation. Participants will gain insights into manufacturing processes, quality control standards, HR practices, IT infrastructure, engineering innovations, and the dynamics of marketing and sales. They’ll witness firsthand how these components harmonize to drive our success. This immersive experience offers a holistic view of our company, demonstrating the synergy between various departments and emphasizing our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration across the board. It’s a unique opportunity to understand our organization’s holistic approach and the multifaceted careers within it.


What kind of impression do you hope to make about NewAge Industries?


Our aim is to leave a lasting impression of NewAge Industries as a dynamic and inclusive organization where manufacturing transcends stereotypes, embracing a diverse skill set and workforce. We want visitors to see us as a community-minded company dedicated to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of talent. By showcasing the interconnectedness of our departments, we hope to illustrate our commitment to innovation and collaboration. Ultimately, we aim to inspire enthusiasm for careers in manufacturing while reinforcing our role as a forward-thinking, responsible corporate citizen actively contributing to the broader community and the future of American manufacturing.


How many employees does NewAge Industries? How many positions are open? What’s the biggest challenge(s) to fill them?


We currently have just under 300 employees at NewAge Industries. Currently, we are actively seeking individuals to fill positions in sales and engineering. Our primary challenge lies in identifying and attracting talent with expertise in plastic extrusion, a specialized field crucial to our operations. We value candidates who can understand and excel in this intricate process, as it plays a pivotal role in our manufacturing capabilities and product quality.


What are some of the job benefits of working at NewAge Industries?


NewAge Industries is an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) and a B Corp. As an ESOP, our employees are co-owners, sharing in the company’s ownership and success. Being a B Corp means we meet rigorous social and environmental standards, prioritizing sustainability and responsible business practices. We’re committed to making a positive impact on our community and the environment while ensuring that our employees have a stake in our company’s future and growth.