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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Tubing Tip #10

Tubing Buying Tip #10: Packaging


Say you need 5,000 feet of 1” I.D. ether-based polyurethane tubing. Is it okay if it arrives as fifty, 100-foot coils? Maybe 50-foot coils would be better. Must they be bagged, double bagged for extra cleanliness, boxed, or are stacked coils, shrink-wrapped on a wooden pallet, satisfactory? What if you want two-foot-long straight pieces with no coil set?


Or how about if you’re ordering a rigid product like Clear-40® that comes in ten-foot lengths? Can the pipe be cut and boxed so it’s short enough to meet requirements for shipping by UPS or a similar carrier, instead of forcing a truck shipment?


Knowing how the tubing or reinforced hose will be used can help determine your packaging needs. If it’s going to be stored for a while, you may want a protective covering like a bag or box. If the tubing will be used immediately, you may be able to skip that. Ask about bulk packaging (multiple coils or lengths in one box or on a pallet) and see if it will save you money.


Perhaps the tubing is part of a kit that you assemble. You use six-foot lengths of 1/8″ I.D. x 1/4″ O.D. clear, unreinforced PVC coiled into 4″ diameter circles, and then placed in individual bags and sealed. Order it that way, so you don’t need to do anything with it other than place a bag with each kit.


Do you want the tubing bagged and labeled with your part number, your customer’s details, or other useful information such as temperature limitations? If the tubing will be used in a medical, pharmaceutical, or other clean application, check into having it sterilized before it ships to you, so it’s ready for use upon delivery.


Consider the tubing’s application and how the proper packaging can assist the end user. Keep in mind that special packaging is a custom process that can involve minimum order quantities, additional lead time, and added costs.


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